About me

I'm the founder of Summit, a no-code modeling platform that allows non-developers to create amazing new tools and programs for their automated workflows.

Before Summit, I co-founded a company called Riskpulse (now Everstream AI). I built the initial product — the web's first interactive weather maps, and then led sales and marketing, selling enterprise contracts to the Fortune 1000. Many of the household items you use every day are shipped using a risk score my co-founder Brad and I invented.

I don't have much of an inner monologue, so I write and talk in order to think!

Mentorship & Consulting

I'm not a consultant, but I do like to help founders. If you'd like to buy me a coffee in order to pick my brain, you are welcome to!

This blog is an independent publication I decided to launch in July 2023 to hold my thoughts and share them with the world.

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